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The Scottish Parliament turns twenty

2,350,327 people, 58.2% of the electorate in Scotland, turned out to vote in the first elections to the newly devolved Scottish Parliament (unfortunately, I was too young to be one of them). This blog looks at the turnout and the results of the election.

Turnout varied across the country. The South of Scotland region saw the highest turnout at 61.7%, while less than half of the electorate of Glasgow voted (47.9%). Stirling was the constituency with the highest turn out at 67.0% while only 40.3% of those in Glasgow Shettleston voted.

SPICe_2019_Blog_1999 Election_Turnout_02.png

The 1999 election was the first time a proportional system for elections – the Additional Member System – was used in Great Britain. As a result, the Parliament’s 129 representatives…

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Image by Waldo Miguez from Pixabay.