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About Us

Officials and Scholars Working Together

The Scottish Policy and Research Exchange supports researchers and officials as they seek smart solutions to policy challenges. It is a network of professionals working together to deliver evidence-informed policy in practice.

Who We Are


Nick Bibby


Scottish Policy and Research Exchange

Nick is a policy engagement professional with a background in journalism and higher education. He helped establish SPRE and was appointed as the project’s first director at the beginning of 2019.
He leads much of SPRE’s training work and is available to discuss engagement and impact strategies with researchers or officials – whether those are for a research centre, a faculty, a university, a parliamentary committee, a government department – or something else entirely!


Dr Dave Bell

Networks & Learning Lead

Scottish Policy and Research Exchange

Dave is a knowledge exchange specialist. He has a PhD in climate science and experience in environmental policy, climate change mitigation research and leading on knowledge exchange activities for global interdisciplinary research programmes. Dave’s work at SPRE focuses on how academic-policy engagement can be more ethical and effective, with particular attention to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion, building and supporting networks, and operationalising ‘learning by doing’ approaches. Get in touch

Why We Do It

Rigorous and impartial research has a vital role in the policy process. We believe that research-informed policy is better policy.

We believe in the benefits of increasing the diversity of the voices contributing to the evidence base for policy. We represent many disciplines, professional backgrounds and methodological approaches.

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