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The Brokerage

The Brokerage is a network of researchers, knowledge mobilisers, and policy professionals who have an interest in improving how evidence and expertise shapes policy. We share formal and informal opportunities for research-policy engagement, and create spaces for relationship-building and shared learning.

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What does The Brokerage do?

Benefits of joining The Brokerage

Each week we will send members of the network an email with the inquiries launched by the Scottish, UK, Welsh and Northern Irish legislatures and governments in the preceding seven days.

You will also have access to our Government & Parliamentary Inquiries search tool. A webpage listing all inquiries currently inviting evidence.

You will also receive urgent requests for expertise relating to policy in Scotland and notification of other opportunities for researchers to engage with policymakers. We will keep these as short and to the point as possible.


There is no charge for the Brokerage, and it is open to anyone working in higher education and research in Scotland

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