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Scottish Muslims: Unity and Belonging

The experience of being a Muslim in Scotland today is shaped by the global and national post-9/11 shift in public attitudes towards Muslims, and is infused by the particular social, cultural and political Scottish ways of dealing with minorities, diversity and integration.

Dr Bonino’s research, now published as a book, explores the settlement and development of Muslim communities in Scotland, highlighting the ongoing changes in their structure and the move towards a Scottish experience of being Muslim.

The Scottish ‘Muslim community’ is made up of people of various ages, ethnicities and social classes. But what they have in common is that they identify as both Muslim and Scottish. And this is where the novelty lies.

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The author

Dr Stephano Bonino is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Arts and the Higher Education Academy.  Stefano has conducted research on security-related topics and migration-related topics. He acted as an advisor on radicalisation and violent extremism for the City of Turin. Find his publications and media contributions here

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