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Scotland’s domestic policy agenda

One consequence of the Brexit debate is that it has left little room for discussions of the emerging structural challenges and opportunities our economy is facing.

So what are these big policy questions?

First and foremost, the sustainable growth challenge is arguably still something that remains inadequately addressed in the political discourse in Scotland.

For all our economy’s documented successes, the backdrop is an economy that has grown slowly for the best part of a decade.

We have clear strengths in sectors and firms across the Scotland, from food & drink, financial services, energy and tourism. Our workforce is highly skilled with our university sector world class.

But we also know that our export base is too narrow and that our levels of R&D activity and entrepreneurship lag behind the UK as a whole (which in turn lag behind key OECD economies).

For all the talk about ‘inclusive growth’, nearly 1 in 4 children in Scotland continue to live in poverty…

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