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Scotland’s 20p recycling scheme will change the recycling habits of a nation

Scotland’s new deposit return scheme is becoming a reality. Iain Gulland, CEO of Zero Waste Scotland, tells LGiU Scotland more about it and the benefits it will have.

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme, the design for which was launched last month, is a blueprint for a world-leading recycling system for drinks cans and bottles.

Zero Waste Scotland advised the Scottish Government on the scheme design, which will save 160,000 tonnes of carbon each year, the equivalent emissions of 85,000 cars.

Deposit return schemes are already used across the world to encourage people to recycle drinks containers, such as bottles and cans.

At its heart is a simple idea. When you buy a drink, whether that’s a soft drink or a bottle of wine, you pay a small deposit for the bottle or can. You then get the money back when you return the container to a collection point to be recycled. The deposit – in Scotland’s case 20p – acts as a powerful incentive for people to do something…

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Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay.