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Misogynistic Harassment: Advancing Scots Criminal Law?

The Scottish Government is currently considering reforms to the hate crime framework in Scotland. This law reform agenda is something of a pressing priority given the increase in hate incidents, and the upsurge in polarisation evident in social interactions – both online and offline. One aspect of the reform under consideration is whether to introduce – as suggested by Lord Bracadale in his Independent Review of Hate Crime Legislation in Scotland – a gender aggravator, and whether to introduce a new standalone offence of misogynistic harassment.

[…] Protection for all women from abuse, harassment, and threatening behaviours should be a legislative priority and must be forthcoming. The creation of an offence of misogynistic harassment has the potential to mark a significant step in the right direction. However, care must be taken to ensure appropriate definitions and supporting evidence be available to inform the creation of such an offence.

Dr Kim Barker & Dr Olga Jurasz‘s research explored how to provide legal provisions to tackle online misogyny. Click below to see how the findings of their research can help us understand the Scottish Government’s legislative reform.

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The authors

Dr Kim Barker, Lecturer in Law, Stirling Law School. Her current research projects focus on trademark protection, challenges posed by internet trolling, and gender-based abuses in online environments. Read some of her most recent publications

Dr Olga Jurasz , Senior Lecturer in Law, The Open University Law School. Dr Jurasz works on online violence against women, international law, human rights, and women in post-conflict situations. Have a look at her latest books and articles. @olga_jurasz

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