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Approaches to Delivering Alternative Tenures

CaCHE recently co-organised a roundtable with Shelter Scotland, SFHA, ALACHO, Scottish Futures Trust, and Rettie & Co., to discuss the role of alternative tenures (build-to-rent, mid-market rent, shared ownership) and delivery/funding models, and how best to provide choice of tenure, within the wider context of delivering more affordable housing in Scotland. Attendees heard from three speakers whose presentations will be summarised in a series of blog posts over the course of this week.

In this post, the first in the series, Professor Moira Munro, CaCHE Knowledge Exchange Lead for Scotland, reflects on the discussion that took place on the day.

On Wednesday 3 April Shelter Scotland hosted a very well-attended roundtable event reflecting on approaches to delivering alternative tenures. There were three very interesting presentations followed by a lively roundtable discussion. Dr John Boyle (Rettie & Co.) reflected on the small but growing Build to Rent market in Scotland, Dr Richard Jennings (Castle Rock Edinvar) shared his experience of delivering mid-market rented homes and Douglas Cochrane (UK Finance) considered the challenges in funding alternative tenure models.

A strong theme to emerge was the need for a housing system that would work for all in the longer term. Owner-occupation, social housing and the open-market…

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Image by Michaela Wenzler from Pixabay.