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Children’s social and emotional wellbeing: Growing Up in Scotland study findings

This briefing summarises findings from three papers using data from the Growing Up in Scotland (GUS) study to investigate children’s wellbeing. GUS is a study of around 5,000 children (born in 2004/2005) and their families across Scotland.

Information on social and emotional wellbeing was first collected directly from children when they were approaching their 8th birthday, and then again when they were aged around 11. Children were asked about how they were getting on at school and how they felt about their life. Parents and carers have also been asked about their child’s wellbeing and behavioural development at several points from early childhood.

These studies uncovered:

  • The factors associated with low life satisfaction and socio-emotional and behavioural problems
  • That a supportive social network can help protect children from some of the negative impacts of living in disadvantaged circumstances.
  • The factors associated with a poorer father-child relationship, which is often linked to children’s wellbeing.

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Image by 192635 from Pixabay.