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Annual Report 2021 – University of Edinburgh

Joining the dots

"During 2021 we built on the success of earlier years; expanding our networks, launching a digital training platform, and creating new opportunities for researchers to connect with policymakers. Next year, we will relaunch SPRE as an independent charity, add two further networks, expand our work with local government and increase the number of training programmes."
Nick Bibby
Director of SPRE

Our story so far...

Events that connect

Our events are designed to strengthen capacities and provide meaningful opportunities for academic-policy engagement.


In Scotland and beyond
Since 2019

People engaged

Academics & policy professionals
Since 2019

Building an online community

We develop and support our networks by providing unique access to UK-wide government and parliamentary enquiries, developing our online resources and highlighting resources and engagement opportunities via Twitter.

Subscriptions to our emails and Brokerage network

Subscribers to our inquiries service


Times people have used our online resources


Average monthly reach of our Tweets


Broadening access

We support broader access to Scottish academic expertise through our Brokerage network and by providing bespoke brokerage services, in response to requests from policy professionals.

People reached by our calls for experts

For policy-engagement opportunities

Responses to our calls for experts

For policy-engagement opportunities
"SPRE rapidly connected me with a half-dozen academics able to advise the evaluation of a major multi-stakeholder education strategy. Without SPRE, I would not have found the expert advice I needed I within the timeframes I needed."
Senior Research Officer
Scottish Government

Feedback from our network

"SPRE gives us access to specialist policy events, a range of learning resources and ways to ensure we’re not missing latest opportunities to engage with government and parliament. This is much needed, so thank you SPRE!"
HE knowledge exchange professional
"I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate these send-outs and they make my work so much easier!"
Member of the Brokerage
"High levels of participation, and great chances to network with fellow attendees. The convenors and leaders were all phenomenally helpful."
PhD student workshop attendee

How the University of Edinburgh has engaged with SPRE

Looking ahead...

Expanding our resources

We have recently launched a ‘How to get started’ guide and are further developing our inquiries service, training and mentoring offerings, and online content.

Extending our networks

We are broadening and deepening our Brokerage network, and developing new networks to engage with Scottish Local Government and wider knowledge exchange communities of practice.

Refining our practices


We are engaging with diverse experts and research on research-policy engagement, to put theory into practice, both to improve how we work and to share this learning with others.

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