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This week's policy engagement opportunities

  • The Scottish Government has announced the challenge areas selected for a new national research initiative. The initiative will see partnerships drawn from Scottish universities, and others, addressing societal challenges while at the same time boosting Scottish research competitiveness. More information here. (Added 05/08)
  • The Health and Social Care Committee is seeking to fill two vacant seats on its Expert Panel. The panel, chaired by Professor Dame Jane Dacre, will provide the Committee with an independent evaluation of Government progress in key areas of health and social care policy. More details here. (Added 05/08)
  • Colleagues on the Covid19 Recovery Committee at Holyrood have asked us to highlight that they have two calls for evidence open on the road to recovery. More information here. (Added 05/08)
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Our webinars can help you understand the policy landscape in your field or area of expertise. We deliver tailored sessions to departments, research groups, knowledge exchange and comms experts, and PhD students. Drop us a line to explore training options.

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The Brokerage is a network of academic and administrative staff at Scottish HEIs who have an interest in policy engagement. The network will allow policy professionals in government, parliament and elsewhere, to find the right experts and the right research to inform and shape decisions.

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