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Policy and Research Working Together

The Scottish Policy & Research Exchange is a network of researchers and officials based within universities, research centres and policymaking institutions across Scotland working together to improve policy outcomes. 



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Enhancing the Impact of Research

Helping scholars connect with policymakers

SPRE provides early career researchers and PhD candidates, especially within the social sciences, with opportunities to apply their research to current policy problems and receive REFable recognition for doing so. The network also arranges mentoring and training opportunities for researchers wanting to better understand the policymaking process.

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Expanding the Evidence Base

Helping officials reach out to academics

SPRE helps officials in the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, Audit Scotland and all of Scotland’s local authorities pose current policy questions to academics. In doing so, it aims expand their access to evidence and increase the range of expert voices.

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Is Brexit eroding the Sewel convention?

Written on: 21st January 2020

Posted on: 22nd January 2020

By Professor Nicola McEwen

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Scottish Muslims: Unity and Belonging

Written on: 21st January 2020

Posted on: 23rd January 2020

Dr Stefano Bonino

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Participation, activism and empowerment for private tenants

Written on: 16 December 2019

Posted on: 16 January 2020

Dr Lisa Garnham, Glasgow Centre for Population Health & Dr Steve Rolfe, University of Stirling

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